i’m trying to find a potential roommate for college next year but i have no idea what i’m supposed to be looking for haha

I have so many exciting things coming up. 2 red sox games, foster the people, the 1975, two proms, graduation lksdfjgkfdlgfdg good year so far :)

"why don't you just say fuck it and wear the same one to both, my best friend went to my prom and wore the same dress as she wore to hers it was okay" —Anonymous

But his prom is earlier than mine and idk I want my prom to be special I guess and I really love my dress haha

Tbh it’s not my prom and I know like 3 other people at his school so I don’t really care but like it’s his senior prom and there’s a grand march and there’s pictures so I don’t really want to look ridiculous

This is how it looked when my cousin wore it

"i think it's pretty but you'd need pretty gold makeup and such, like it looks a lot like a toga :(((" —Anonymous

Yeah when my cousin wore it to her prom I didn’t really like it and then I tried it on and automatically thought of a toga haha. But idk maybe I can figure out something to make it look nice. I’m really not trying to buy two dresses :/

"ok, this dress no! sorry honey :(" —Anonymous

Noo worries!! :)

"more photo of the dresses pleaaase!!!" —Anonymous

That’s the only one I have of it though

"I think the dress could be cute! You just have to match it with the right accessories in my opinion~" —Anonymous

I have absolutely no idea what I could wear with it

"to be honest I think that looks like the kind of dress my mom would wear, sorry!" —Anonymous

Haha no don’t be sorry. I just don’t really have very many options and that one fits almost perfectly so it works. I think it looks like a toga